from chump to champ™

five weeks to a well trained dog

A course of FIVE one hour classes, usually booked weekly to give you time to practice in between. This one-to-one course will give you all the skills required to train your dog in the positions (sit, down, stand), recall (coming back when called), loose lead walking, stay and wait, impulse control (leave it), polite greeting (not jumping up on visitors), plus much more.

Good Companion awards

The APDT accredited training programme

The Good Companion Awards have four levels - Puppy, Foundation, Progress, and Jubilee. They are based around everyday life skills, building on your dog's abilities. The puppy and foundation levels can be built into our Chump to Champ course but may require an extra session or two. We assess against the award standards as we progress so this removes the pressure of a test situation and you can move forward at a pace that suits you and your dog.

the behaviour clinic

managing and changing worrying behaviour

Behaviour issues can be more than just a 'problem'. They may generate anxiety, stress, embarrassment and family arguments. Friends may not want to come over, or let their children visit your home, as you have that 'out of control' dog. Please be assured that at Mr Bones you are not judged. We empathise with you and, equally importantly, we understand that most dog behaviour issues stem from fear or frustration. Therefore, we use modern, science based methods to gently and effectively change your dog's perception of the world, providing the tools to cope and make better choices.

A behaviour consultation consists of an initial two-hour visit where we discuss and assess the problem. We ascertain ways of improving the behaviour and demonstrate these to you. You are then provided with a highly detailed, written, behaviour modification plan to follow. The fee also includes a one hour follow up session which is usually scheduled for three to four weeks after the first consultation.

return to sender

recall workshop

Rover... Rover... ROVER!... Come here... Please come... TREEEAAATS! Sound familiar? Are you used to seeing your dog disappear into the distance while you look on helplessly?

This two-hour session takes you through the building blocks that achieve great recall, ensuring your dog comes back when called.

show me how...

skill development

Is there a skill that you'd like to develop with your dog? A rock solid stay so you don't have to race Rover to the front door? Beautiful loose lead walking so you're not pulled down the street? Let us know and we can tailor a two-hour session for you.

puppy love

puppy home visit

A two-hour session taking you through all the puppy essentials including toilet training, biting and socialisation. This can be scheduled ahead of your puppy's arrival to make sure you are perfectly set-up and know what to expect. Alternatively, we are happy to come visit after puppy's arrival.

click 'n' treat

clicker workshop

Ever wondered how the dogs in the movies know how to perform all those great tricks? Clicker training is the answer! However, it can also be used to teach all sorts of everyday necessities as well as the fun stuff. This is a great way to provide mental stimulation for your dog. A two hour introduction to clicker training your dog based on what you would like to achieve, everyday obedience, advanced obedience or trick training.

follow up visits

Follow ups can be booked after any of the training or behaviour consultations. They usually entail a one hour visit.